Hats Off To Londonium

It seems appropriate that the first piece I share in my new “Collage Of The Day” series is the one I consider to be my best work, the collage that should appear in my obituary.

hats-off-to-londonium-01I can’t recall exactly when I created this piece, but it wasn’t too long after I started making black and white pieces using Victorian engravings. I was really excited by the seamless results I could achieve using images from the same era, printed with the same ink on the same paper. My weird creatures had begun to look like they were ‘born’ that way!

I feel like I got the recipe exactly right here, my characters each the perfect blend of organic and metallic. The guy taking his hat off became my mascot, featuring on my business cards and a tattoo over my heart.

Hats Off is probably the only piece I’d never sell. It has pride of place in the small art gallery that is my home and every time I look at it I smile to myself.

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