Sharkweek is the name of my electronic music project. I have released five albums since 2006. It’s hard to define my sound precisely, so here are some random words that apply: ambient, dub, space, psychedelic, electronica, playful, jazzy. Spheres of inspiration for Sharkweek include outer space, all manner of pop culture, and infomercials. Musical influence comes from varied sources such as The Orb, Future Sound Of London, Orbital, Boards Of Canada, Lemon Jelly, Astralasia, Banco de Gaia, and New Zealand luminaries like Module and Pitch Black.

I recently made my whole back catalogue available for . The five albums listed below plus another collection of live recordings and a compilation of early and unreleased tracks.

I’d particularly recommend , 13 epic versions of my favourite tracks recorded at live Sharkweek shows between 2008 and 2011. A few of them were recorded in the off-season ski resort town of Wanaka, before a crowd of unappreciative and semi-nude idiot yokels. Good times in the rock’n’roll business…..

Prior to going out on my own as Sharkweek I was part of a combo called The Tom Bosley Experience. We have as well, free downloads.


Shark N Taties by SharkweekFollowing hot on the heels of my recent collection of remixes of other artists – “Gimme Gimme Shark Treatment”, I am proud to announce the release of companion album “Shark N Taties”.

Eleven original Sharkweek tracks have been sliced, diced, liberally sauced, thoroughly chewed and then colourfully regurgitated by a range of NZ electronica artists.

From the playful fidget house of to the take-no-prisoners dark and heavy dubstep of , from the lush psydub of to the minimal tech of , this album showcases the diversity of New Zealand musical talent.

As well as being a collection of new interpretations of old songs, this album also celebrates one of the greatest things about electronic music in New Zealand: the wonderful sense of community, networking, mutual encouragement, collaboration, and general swapping of ideas that we have here.

“…’Shark’N’Taties’ is the star here, with the remix favours returned by many of those on ‘Gimme’, along with the likes of Invader Tron, Haszari, and Hamilton post-rockers Sora Shima. There’s some great interpretations here, wherein Sharkweek’s ideas are extrapolated upon, reengineered, or just plain shredded”

Gimme Gimme Shark Treatment by Sharkweek“Gimme Gimme Shark Treatment” is a collection of remixes of fellow NZ electronic artists , , , , , and , plus NY hip hop group .

Ranging from progressive trance to ambient soundscapes both light and dark, from psychedelic lounge music to weirdo funky hip hop, “Gimme Gimme Shark Treatment” has something for everyone.

“…the treatments are less unhinged than Sharkweek-written material, but that’s not to say the tracks aren’t twisted into outlandish new shapes – Lewis will find a monologue or dialogue theme and cut up samples to provide a kind of narrative to the accompanying music bed. This CD rocks, in a tripped-out trance fashion”

Egyptian Lions by SharkweekMy second studio album, “Egyptian Lions”, offers lush soundscapes punctuated with surreal samples, playful melodies and manipulated found sounds. The musical themes drift between ambient, pop and dub. The songs are sometimes dreamy, sometimes deliriously playful. There’s obvious evidence of my musical growth, yet it’s also familiar enough to be unmistakeably ‘Sharkweek’. This eclectic mix, coupled with some stellar guest appearances from other musicians makes for an evocative and sometimes surprising listening experience.

“…filled with dreamy, engaging, purposeful, stimulating, intriguing, sample-filled electronica which combine to massage your synapses and slowly explode your brain … it’s stimulating of the imagination – beware of mixing with other substances!”

“…on ‘Egyptian Lions’ he evokes the more innocent musical ideals of the early-’90s. Glistening drifts of synthesiser pads, an array of peculiar samples, and an abundance of rhythms set to relax rather than stun mode … a whole bunch of other electronic cleverness besides, all with a charming homespun feel”

The Acid Sessions by Sharkweek“The Acid Sessions” is a ‘live’ album recorded during a practice session one strange afternoon in the summer of 2008. Featuring long psychedelic versions of six of my best songs.



The Hammerhead Nebula by SharkweekMy debut album is “The Hammerhead Nebula”.
A rich blend of lush electronica, sometimes-busy beats, and manipulated found sounds are complemented by vocal samples from a wide variety of sources including a NASA scientist (who gave his blessing to the project), obscure infomercials and a fine pair of talented vocalists.
You’ll hear elements of pop, ambient, dub, and experimental styles in Sharkweek songs, but there’s always something recognisably “Sharkweek” about them! It’s music that’s simple yet dense, spacey without being formless, and humourous without being silly.

“Layers of keyboard wash form convection currents through which primitive drum machine rhythms clatter. Spoken vocal snippets introduce galaxial and other themes while a prowling keyboard bass glues things together. Sharkweek pulls back from the brink of chaotic overload to simmer with a repressed mania and the effect is serotonin re-uptake inhibition.”
Jacob Connor, NZ MUSICIAN MAGAZINE, 2004