We’re A Happy Family

A family portrait!

Were-A-Happy-FamilyThis is probably my favourite of all the canvas pieces I’ve done. It has considerable personal meaning – the Octopus Boy is me (I like octopii and have a couple of octopus-themed tattoos) and the Tank Girl is my wife, who at the time I created this piece was heavily pregnant.

Our son is represented by the “transparent man” at the bottom, because he was only partly-formed when this was created.

Our two cats – both passed on now, sadly – are represented by the owl (Callie looked like an owl) and the little Tintin figures (the other cat’s name was Tintin).

You may notice us gazing adoringly at them, worshiping them almost. Cats expect nothing less, of course, but boy did they get a shock when they saw how we doted on the tiny human instead of them!


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